Dealer Marketplace: Enhance Your New Buyer's Journey

In the competitive world of dealerships, it's all about attracting more customers. Our white-labeled service is your secret weapon. With complete branding customization, a unified inventory, and personalized sales strategies, you'll captivate a broader audience.

Brand Ownership

Take back ownership of your business with Dealer Marketplace’s custom branded websites that allow you to own your brand, business and domain.

High-Quality Leads

Empower your team to utilize personal connections through referral links to access the highest quality leads, creating a network of trust and growth for your dealership.

Teams Inventory

Increase conversions with data-driven insights and streamlined processes that turn leads into loyal customers, boosting your dealership's bottom line.

Boost Lead Quality

With Dealer Marketplace, you can supercharge your dealership's lead generation efforts. Our platform empowers you to access the highest quality leads, thanks to our innovative referral link system. Leverage personal connections to create a network of trust, all while lowering your marketing costs. Discover the power of Dealer Marketplace and see how it can take your dealership to new heights.

Own Your Brand

Your brand is at the core of your dealership's identity, and with Dealer Marketplace, you're in control. Our platform allows you to host your business on your own domain, putting you firmly in the driver's seat. Create a custom-branded online presence that showcases your inventory, sales team, and unique value. With Dealer Marketplace, you truly own your domain and, in turn, your business.

Enhance Team Visibility

Dealer Marketplace offers insights into team performance, allowing you to connect with past customers and foster loyalty through event messaging and maintenance reminders.

About HeyAuto

We're not just another online automotive marketplace. We aim to redefine automotive commerce process by focusing on long-lasting dealership relationships and a streamlined user experience from beginning to end. We offer robust tools that dealerships can use to increase high quality lead generation and retention that will streamline operations and create lifelong advocates for your business.


HeyAuto is Canada’s fastest growing vehicle marketplace. Using leading-edge technology, easily find the best deals on new and used cars, trucks, SUV’s, sedans, and more. Shop with confidence and connect with car dealerships in your area. Simple. Trusted. Car Buying.

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