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Discover Your HeyAuto Solution.

Business Suite.

Amazingly easy.

Learn how Business Suite optimizes partnerships for dealerships and vendors relations.

Zero Up-Front Costs.

Jump in without any initial financial commitment. Our pay-for-perfomance model means you pay only $9 CAD per connection.

Transparency at it's core.

Our platform offers clear and concise information about vendors, enabling dealerships to make informed decisions.

Stay connected.

Strengthen your business network and discover new partnerships.

Showcase your product.

With our vendor marketplace you can list all your products to thousands of dealership in North America.

What is

Business Suite?

All-In-One Vendor Hub

Changing how dealerships and vendors connect and collaborate in the automotive industry.

Industry Leading Marketplace

Access a wide range of dealership solutions and find tools to improve your dealership operations.

Complete Vendor Management

Managing all your vendors and dealerships has never been simpler, in one easy to use platform.

Connection and Collaboration

Fostering stronger relationships and better communication between dealers and vendors.

Pay per


It’s that simple.

Only $9 CAD

Per Connection!

Limited Spots Available

With only a select group of vendor access be sure to claim your spot today!

Access To Decision Makers

With a direct connection to dealerships you get your products in front of those who can make the decision.

On-Going Connection with Dealerships

Stay connected with your users like never before by keeping them informed and engaged fostering a lasting connection.

Join the exclusive beta program.

We are currently only accepting the first 100 vendors to sign up, so don’t wait and secure your spot in the brand new Business Suite.


At its core, HeyAuto is a comprehensive digital platform engineered to revolutionize the automotive industry by enhancing efficiency and connectivity across all segments of the market. Designed as a versatile ecosystem, HeyAuto distinctively supports and connects three primary groups: consumers, dealers, and vendors, each with tailored functionalities and interfaces.

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