The Next Generation of Auto Transport Awaits

Super Dispatch helps shippers, brokers, and carriers manage auto-transport operations with modern tools that make moving cars simple, leaving outdated load boards and technology behind.

Super Loadboard

Connecting trusted carriers and shippers around the clock at the most competitive rates.

  • Post and secure loads entirely on the platform, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails.
  • Let us handle daily checks of FMCSA authority and insurance validity, eliminating the need for manual verification on every load.
  • AI powered load and carrier suggestions get loads booked and moved faster and easier.
Super Loadboard for Shippers

Instantly connect with trusted haulers to get loads booked faster. 

  • Access thousands of dependable haulers, each checked and monitored to ensure they’re properly authorized and insured.
  • Accelerate your search process and increase booking success rates with relevant carrier suggestions.
  • Review recent load rates, receive instant load pricing suggestions, and know when orders are underpriced to speed up load dispatching.
Private Loadboard

A solution like no other for shippers and Brokers moving 1000+ VINs per month with special equipment or inspection needs. 

  • Prioritize your established network of trusted carriers by granting early or exclusive access to your orders.
  • Accelerate Load Booking by automatically posting orders to the Super Loadboard when your load is not booked within your specified timeframe.
  • Enable instant booking, price negotiation, and SuperPay for your private network to expedite dispatching, pickup, delivery, and payments—all without manual intervention. 

Drive Growth with Super Dispatch

Embrace a comprehensive solution for your auto transport needs. From improved workflows to real-time tracking, Super Dispatch helps you scale seamlessly. Request a Demo | Start Free Trial

Verified Carrier Network: Every carrier with access to the Super Loadboard undergoes rigorous verification and continuous monitoring of FMCSA authority and insurance.

Suggested Carriers: Expedite your search for carriers and elevate booking success rates with personalized suggestions based on specific load equipment and route details.

Recommended Price & Pricing Data: Access immediate pricing insights by evaluating both present and past market trends for all vehicle types.

SuperPay: Save hours processing payments with a fully integrated payment solution giving you peace of mind with delivery verification.

Price Negotiation: Eliminate manual counter-offers to maximize efficiency and profit by automatically negotiating with multiple carriers at the same time to secure the most competitive rate.

Book Instantly: Accelerate order dispatching by providing trusted carriers with the ability to promptly book at the posted price.

API Integrations: Harness the power of Super Dispatch integrations to spend more time on revenue-generating tasks.

Chrome Extension: Connect your CRM to monitor load status all from a single platform.

Alternative Load Board: Support Post new orders to alternative load boards directly from Super Dispatch.

Private Loadboard: A solution like no other for shippers and Brokers moving 1000+ VINs per month with special equipment or inspection needs.

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