Engage is the foundation of Widewail. Our platform monitors for new review activity and presents the review as a task to our team of Review Response Specialists. This team responds to every single customer with no templates, bots, or automation - custom responses to every customer comment, to date managing 1,000,000+ reviews.
The Widewail team is trained in local SEO. We watch for any mention of products or services in review content and amplify these terms in responses, feeding both Google and your next customer a steady stream of branded content. We call this approach “Conversational SEO.”
When a customer has had a less-than-positive experience, the Widewail team will provide a suggested response and escalate the case to the right people at the service center via the Widewail platform. Alerts are shared by email and SMS, ensuring staff at the location react quickly to the issue. Locations can either publish the suggested response or provide feedback to help improve the response before publishing. Our platform measures every step to provide KPIs and, therefore, opportunities for improvement.

Custom review responses

Negative review escalation

Keywords in positive responses

Multiple site review monitoring

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