Dealer Glovebox: Turn New Buyers Into Lifetime Customers

Welcome to the future of automotive dealership excellence. Glovebox is your all-in-one solution, designed to elevate your dealership's performance, enhance customer loyalty, and drive revenue like never before.

Retention & Loyalty

Customers can easily link their vehicles to your dealership, allowing you to send electronic documents, service reminders and more, ensuring ongoing engagement and loyalty to your dealership.

Custom Branded

Tailor the Glovebox experience to match your dealership's unique identity with our custom branded capabilities, allowing you to customize logos, colors, fonts, and themes for a seamless and branded customer interaction.

Personalized Engagement

Unlock the ability to send customized offers, promotions, and messages to your customers, keeping them actively engaged within your dealership's sales and service ecosystem.

Increase Your Customer Loyalty

By enhancing the customer experience, Glovebox ensures your dealership fosters lasting connections with your audience. When customers feel heard and valued, they become loyal advocates of your brand. But it's not just about loyalty; it's about revenue growth. Our platform's features and integrations are strategically designed to help you increase your dealership's bottom line.

Craft Customer Connections

At the heart of our mission is the art of forging meaningful relationships. We believe that every interaction with your customers should be an opportunity to connect, to inspire loyalty, and to drive success. Our platform empowers you to personalize every touchpoint, ensuring that each engagement leaves a lasting impression. By crafting these customer connections, you'll unlock a world of possibilities, turning first-time buyers into lifelong advocates, and propelling your dealership to new heights of excellence.

Turn Transactions into Connections

By focusing on turning each interaction into a connection, you'll build loyalty, inspire trust, and ultimately, drive your dealership towards enduring success.

About HeyAuto

We're not just another online automotive marketplace. We aim to redefine automotive commerce process by focusing on long-lasting dealership relationships and a streamlined user experience from beginning to end. We offer robust tools that dealerships can use to increase high quality lead generation and retention that will streamline operations and create lifelong advocates for your business.


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